Licence Renewal Instructions: updated!

Licence Renewal Instructions: updated!

All licence renewal instructions and resources can be found in the Licence Renewal section of our website under the Licensing tab.

Reminder: the deadline to complete renewal is December 1. If you are unable to meet educational requirements by this time, please renew with a Restriction before the deadline. This costs an extra $100, allows you 6 months to complete requirements, and does not affect how you work.

Late fees are $275 and are applied December 2.

Login help: usernames are the e-mail address we have on file for you and they are lowercase only (this is important!).

NEW: SaskTel Spam Settings: if you are not receiving password reset emails and you are definitely entering your e-mail in all lowercase, check your SaskTel spam settings (instructions) >

Quick link: Medications Self-Review instructions > certificates are not needed for the Med Self-Review

CME help: New Graduates should choose New Graduate CME from the Courses/Programs dropdown and upload certification of completion or transcript



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