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– A Safe Haven for Families of Pediatric Patients
– Transcripts & CRCs: Electronic Documents Policy Updated
– 2023 Licence Renewal
– SCoP Council & Committee Nominations
– Professional Conduct Committee Update
– SCoP at the PACE Conference
– PSPNET: New Spouse/Significant Other course
The Education Committee announced in 2021 that a mandatory 5 credit course in documentation would be required for the 2023 licence renewal. Due to significant and unforeseen issues with the technology required to host the course, it is not feasible to make this course available in time for the 2023 licence renewal.

SCoP Council Meeting


SCoP Council Meeting




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Approximately 1,700 paramedics are licensed in Saskatchewan at different levels: Primary Care, Intermediate Care, Advanced Care, and Critical Care. We also license 300 Emergency Medical Responders.

Complete an approved program, pass a licensing exam, then obtain a licence with the College. Visit Licensing for more information.

It is a simple process to use your licence from another province to obtain a licence in Saskatchewan via Labour Mobility. Follow the directions under Licensing > Labour Mobility.

The College, also known as SCoP, has a mandate to protect the public. We do this by setting standards for education and practice to ensure that those who practice as Paramedics or Emergency Medical Responders are qualified and competent.

We support our licensed members in meeting these standards and take action when they are not met. 

Licence turnaround is 24 to 48 hours after the office has received all requirements. Please note, most work is done online but some items must be originals and these take longer. Read all directions carefully.

Certain professions perform work of such a nature that if it is carried out in a negligent or fraudulent way, it can be dangerous to the public or contrary to the public interest. 

A regulatory body protects the public interest through establishing entry qualifications, licensing and certification systems, and disciplinary functions. 

Self-regulation is a privilege delegated to a professional group by the Legislature.

Article on self-regulation


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