SCoP Research Projects

The Saskatchewan College of Paramedics (SCoP), in recent years, has recognized the need for research in ensuring that the best possible paramedic care is provided to patient, as well as in accelerating the continued growth of paramedicine as a health profession. As such, the College is continuously working to build needed research capacity by taking a collaborative approach with national and provincial academic institutions and community partners.

SCoP is strategically committed to developing and maintaining evidence-based professional standards in paramedicine. We will achieve this through an efficient and effective R&D process in which individuals and communities across Canada are treated with dignity and respect in their care setting.

Virtual Reality Project

The Saskatchewan College of Paramedics (SCoP) is playing an innovative and industry leading role in its intriguing new approach to the assessment of paramedic competencies.

With the support of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Immigration and Career Training, SCoP is in the process of developing an immersive technology/virtual reality tool that can be used to assess paramedic competencies, virtually. The tool will enable SCoP to assess the competencies of internationally trained paramedics interested in working in Canada, from their home countries. It will also enable paramedics working in rural and remote regions across Saskatchewan to update their required competencies without leaving their home communities.

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Immersive Videos Project

SCoP and Luxsonic used immersive technology to create a series of COVID support videos for paramedics in the spring of 2020.

Funding from the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation enabled SCoP and Luxsonic to create immersive VR “refresher” videos for paramedics which focused on: the proper “Donning and Doffing” PPE; and the safe collection of nasal and oral swabs.

The COVID support videos are now available at no charge for all paramedics in the province on the Luxsonic MedCast360 platform.

Read more about this project on pages 2-4 of The Pulse >

Public Perception of Paramedic Care

Objective of this public engagement project is to gain the thoughts and perspectives of the public to improve paramedic care.

The preliminary analysis of the project was showcased at the 2019 Santé Awards and Research Showcase in Regina hosted by Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) and Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research (SCPOR). The College also secured a matching grant with MITACS for the completion of this project.

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Access to Patient History

The primary goal of this study was to determine how paramedic access to patient electronic health information impacts clinical diagnosis and treatment.

The secondary goal of the research was to examine the impact of the eHR (electronic health record) tool on paramedic scope of practice.

The College presented the findings of this project at the Paramedic Research Symposium in conjunction with the Paramedicine Across Canada Expo (PACE) 2019, attracting paramedics and researchers from across Canada and around the globe in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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