Non-Practicing &
restricted licences

Types of Licences

  • Practicing and Non-Practicing licences are available for each level
  • Restrictions can be added to a licence for various reasons and have different effects. A “Restricted licence” is a Practicing licence with a Restriction added
  • Community Paramedic Endorsement also available
  • All licences must be renewed before December 1 each year
    • Restricted licences expire after 6 months unless restriction is extended
  • Restrictions and Non-Practicing options help avoid lapsed licences and late fees

Practicing Licence

  • Practicing licence without restrictions allows members to work unsupervised at full scope
  • Practicing fee is prorated throughout the year

Non-Practicing Licence

  • Stay connected to the College, but do not work or volunteer as an EMR or paramedic in Saskatchewan
    • Cost: $50 annually, must be renewed each year
  • Reasons for NP:
    • Not planning to work in the immediate future (i.e. parental leave, illness, moving to another province, etc.)
    • Cannot fulfill Licence Renewal requirements before Dec 1 deadline and not planning to work immediately
  • How to change to Non-Practicing
    • For next year: renew as Non-Practicing within the Licence Renewal form. Certificates, skills, and CME credits not required
    • For current year: Submit the Change of Status form in the Member Portal to change to NP for the current year. Change of status fee: $50 + $50 NP
  • After 2 years of non-practicing:
    • Must renew as practicing on the third year, otherwise you will be required to complete a refresher course to practice
  • After 5 years:
    • To change to practicing after more than 5 years, the entire training program must be completed again

Restricted Licence

  • A “Restricted Licence” is a Practicing licence with a Restriction added
  • New members:
    • New graduate waiting to pass licensing exam:
      • Can only work under direct supervision. Direct supervision is defined as no more than an arms length away at all times while providing patient care
      • Cost: $100 + practicing fee. Cost to extend for another 6 months: $100 
    • New members licensed in another province / Labour Mobility may have educational deficiencies
      • Not allowed to perform restricted skills until additional gap training completed and restriction removed
      • No extra cost for initial gap training restrictions. Cost to extend for another 6 months: $100
  • Current members can:
    • Renew as Restricted if you don’t have current certificates, skills, or CME during Licence Renewal
    • Does not affect how you work. Allows for 6 months to fulfill renewal requirements. Can be extended once for another 6 months
    • Cost: $100 (one fee for all restrictions) + practicing fee when renewing. Cost to extend for another 6 months: $100
  • Student Restricted Licence: Current members who have recently completed a paramedic program at a level higher than their current licence level are also eligible for a student restricted licence
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