Protocol Manuals

Protocol manuals

These protocols represent a consensus of medical opinion using the best available evidence for dealing with most situations paramedics encounter. They are designed to be supported by appropriate education and training found through other sources. Members using these manuals must ensure they successfully complete the appropriate training, and possess the necessary knowledge and skills to be competent before performing any procedure in this manual.

Before using any manual, members should read the introduction and user guide sections and become familiar with how your particular manual is to be used.

NOTE: Any material that is printed is considered an uncontrolled copy. Ensure that you are always working from the most current version of each protocol manual by checking back here often. Members will also be notified by email of any major changes to the manuals. Always keep your email address with the College up to date.

Paramedic Clinical Practice Protocols v6.1.2 (last revised July, 2020)

This manual is for all licence levels:

Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
Primary Care Paramedic (PCP)
Intermediate Care Paramedic (ICP)
Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP)
Critical Care Paramedic (CCP)

Paramedic Clinical Practice Protocols v6.1.2 (3 MB; last revised July, 2020)

Pandemic Protocol (October, 2021)

For best results on your mobile device, open these documents using the Adobe Reader app.

The following protocols are not for general use. Approval is required.


Emergency Medical Services Personnel Facility Based Scope of Practice Protocol

Fixed or Rotary Wing

Saskatchewan Air Ambulance Emergency Treatment Protocols
STARS Protocols

Lloydminster Protocols

Lloydminster Protocols

These protocols are for employees of WPD – Lloydminster only. Only those employees of WPD – Lloydminster are permitted to use these protocols and only while working in Lloydminster.

MFI Standard for Saskatchewan Health Authority Practitioners

Work Standard

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