Role of committees

Role of Professional Conduct Committee and Discipline Committee

We have established two committees to manage the complaint, investigation and hearing process. It is important to separate the investigation function from the hearing process to ensure that there is objectivity and fairness throughout the process. This is the standard that all self-regulating professions follow.

The Professional Conduct Committee reviews and investigates complaints and makes recommendations to the Discipline Committee respecting whether further action should be taken or a hearing held in response to the Complaint. The Committee consists of five members appointed by Council. No member of the Council or member of the Discipline Committee is eligible to be a member of the Professional Conduct Committee. In some cases the Professional Conduct Committee may establish a separate sub-committee to actually investigate a complaint.

The Discipline Committee conducts hearings and determines whether the member is guilty of professional misconduct or professional incompetence and may make an order respecting that finding. The Committee consists of four members of the College and a Public Appointee from Council. No elected member of Council and no member of the Professional Conduct Committee is eligible to be a member of the Discipline Committee.

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