Student restricted

Student Restricted Licences

Current members who have recently completed a paramedic program at a level higher than their current licence level are eligible for a student restricted licence.

The student restriction will allow the member to work at the higher level while directly supervised by a member of the same licence level or higher, and to work at their lower level when not supervised. Direct supervision is defined as no more than an arms length away at all times while providing patient care.

For example, a PCP who has completed all portions of the ACP program and is waiting to complete the licensing exam may request an ACP student restricted licence. They may work at the PCP level with full scope of practice and also work as a restricted ACP when directly supervised. Supervision by other health professionals is not permitted.

Restricted Licences General Information

For more information on the various types of restricted licences available to new and current members, visit Types of Licences.

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