The business of the College of Paramedics is conducted by our Committees which have members drawn from practitioners across the province. The Paramedics Act and the Regulatory and Administrative Bylaws set out the Committee structure of the College and the composition and key responsibilities of the various committees. The College Council appoints members to College Committees. The Council also appoints each Committee chairperson and establishes a Committee Terms of Reference and budget.

The Act requires the College to have both Professional Conduct and Disciplinary Committees to ensure the College can conduct due diligence and provide fair hearing to members in the investigation (the Professional Conduct Committee) and response (the Disciplinary Committee) to complaints of professional misconduct. The College will provide training in investigation and Administrative Tribunals for these Committee members.

The Professional Conduct Committee reviews and investigates complaints and makes recommendations to the Disciplinary Committee respecting whether further action should be taken or a hearing held in response to the Complaint. The Committee consists of five members appointed by Council, including one public member. No member of the Council or member of the Disciplinary Committee is eligible to be a member of the Professional Conduct Committee.

The Discipline Committee conducts hears and determines whether the member is guilty of professional misconduct or professional incompetence and may make an order respecting that finding. The Committee consists of eight members of the College and two Public Appointees from Council. No elected member of Council and no member of the Professional Conduct Committee is eligible to be a member of the Discipline Committee.

The Administrative Bylaws establish five committees of the College: Executive, Legislation and Bylaws, Education, Audit and Nominations.

The Executive Committee provides oversight and direction of the affairs of the College between Council meetings. The Committee is comprised of three Council members: the President, Vice-President and one Member-at-Large on Council.

The Legislation and Bylaws Committee identifies options for Council to consider regarding potential changes to legislation affecting College members or revisions to the Paramedics Act and Bylaws. This committee also receives and prepares for the Annual General Meeting any resolutions from the members. The Committee is comprised of five people – three to be drawn from the membership, the President of Council who chairs this committee and a Public Appointee from Council.

The Education Committee identifies options for Council to consider regarding the qualifications required for licensure of members, the standards for continuing education, matters concerning education of members, licensing examinations and the annual renewal process. The Committee is comprised of ten people –up to eight members to be drawn from the membership, a member at large who chairs this Committee and a Public Representative.

The Audit Committee reviews and approves the financial and risk management information provided to Council, recommends the appointment of an external auditor and receives and acts on the auditors findings. The Committee is comprised of three people – two Council members and one non-member with a financial designation such as a Chartered Accountant or CMA. The Vice-President is the Chair of the Audit Committee.

The Nominations Committee prepares a slate of candidates to fill member positions on Council for consideration at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Committee also recruits applicants for Committees for consideration by Council. The Committee is comprised of two members elected at the AGM and two appointed by Council including a member with council experience and a public appointee with previous board or committee experience.

The Paramedic Practice Committee provides advice to stakeholders on how to best optimize patient and family centered care delivered by paramedics within the province of Saskatchewan. The committee is responsible for reviewing scope of practice and protocol proposals, evaluating evidence-based research, and providing the analysis necessary to make recommendations to the Saskatchewan College of Paramedics and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan.

The Member Wellness Committee develops guidelines, policy, and procedures for the membership to aid in them remaining healthy. The committee is responsible for providing strategic advice and direction relating to member wellness to the College, identifying the needs and concerns of the membership, promote communication between SCoP and the membership to reduce stigma and increase wellness, and is responsible for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of health promotion initiatives.

Terms of Reference (pdf)

Professional Conduct Committee
Discipline Committee
Executive Committee
Legislation and Bylaws Committee
Education Committee
Audit Committee
Nominations Committee
Paramedic Practice Committee
Member Wellness Committee, MWC Position Statement

Committee Members for 2019-2020

Audit Committee Executive Committee
Chair: Matt McGurk, Vice President of Council
A.J. Waldal, Member
Marie Stimson, Member
Chris Pacey
Betty Hoffart, Public Representative
Chair: Kyle Sereda, President of Council
Matt McGurk, Vice President of Council
Karen Gibbons, Public Representative on Council
Discipline Committee Education Committee
Chair: Olumide Adetunji, Public Representative on Council
Julie Braaksma, Member
Ian Brown, Member
John McDonald, Member
Gilbert Maraboto, Member
Sergio Silveira, Member
Brad Mee, Member
Haley Spencer, Member
Chair: Noel Dunn, Member
Chair Elect: Joel Gritzfeld, Public Representative on Council
Brad Mee, Member
Jessica Heathcote, Member
Mike Hengstler, Member
Carla Roy, Member
Matthew Hogan, Member
Ryley Kosomenko, Member
Legislation & Bylaws Committee Nominations Committee
Chair: Kyle Sereda, President of Council
Landon Ulrich, Member
Myron Metanchuk, Member
Elizabeth Rackow, Member
Jocelyn Prefontaine, Public Representative
Olumide Adetunji, Public Representative on Council
Betty Hoffart, Public Representative
Chair: Marie Stimson, Member
Matt McGurk, Vice President on Council
Mike Meyer, Member
vacant: Public Representative
Professional Conduct Committee Member Wellness Committee
Chair: Brian Hyland, Member
Cari Evenson-Carleton, Member
Angela Sereda, Member
Caitlyn Nelson, Member
Ian Schindler, Member
Marie Stimson, Member
Chair: Cheryl Solonenko, Member
Lindsay Holm, Member
David Reed, Member
Noel Dunn, Member
Jennifer Williams
Rashed Al-Mamun
Nathaniel Deng Mayen, Public Representative – Social Work
Karen Messer-Engel, Public Representative – Psychologist
Paramedic Practice Committee PPC Consultation Group
Chair: Jennifer Williams
Bill Fischer
Donnita Derbyshire
Mike Hengstler
Corey McNeice
Dana West
Matthew Hogan
Dr. Brad Jamison
Dr. Kamini Premkumar
Christina Backlin
Derek Dagenais
Noel Dunn
William Breen
Len Protz
Leonard Rostotski
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