Privacy Policy

  1. The Saskatchewan College of Paramedics (SCoP) collects, uses and discloses personal information as reasonably necessary for the purposes of performing and fulfilling its responsibilities under the Act and Bylaws. Further, the Saskatchewan College of Paramedics is committed to the protection of personal information and to informing others regarding practices with respect to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information provided to the College. The College remains committed to transparency, accountability and to collecting personal information in a fair and lawful manner
  2. The Saskatchewan College of Paramedics collects personal information for the following limited purposes:
    • Fulfill professional regulatory functions in accordance with Act and bylaws
    • Communicate documents and information in accordance with Act and bylaws;
    • Communicate information about the College and its programs;
    • Establish and maintain linkages with members; and
    • Manage personnel.
  3. The College uses applicant, member and former member information only in the following ways:
    • Member contact – for College communications, surveys, registration information, and membership benefits as designated in the bylaws.
    • Demographic – for internal planning purposes and non-identifiable data provided to reputable resources like Statistics Canada for input into trend analysis, research, human resource planning and also for Council approved external research initiatives.
    • Maintenance of Public Register – to document various membership levels on legal register in accordance with Act and bylaws, including governmental requirements.
    • Licensure – to document compliance with regulatory and administrative bylaws, participation in College activities and programs, payments and accounts receivable.
    • Membership eligibility and endorsement– to document eligibility for membership, initial and renewal registration and licensure, including, but not limited to: standing for admission, preparation of transcripts, registration examinations, continuing competence compliance, verification of registration, and for trend analysis, planning and reporting.
    • Proof of good standing to other jurisdictions upon applicant request.
    • Proof of good character upon applicant request.
    • In addition, from time-to-time, current and former members may be contacted to update communication lists, through provision of services, or in the carrying out of College approved research activities.
  4. The College shall not sell, barter, trade or give away any personal information to third parties, other than with secure written privacy agreements in accordance with this policy and without explicit consent, unless required by law or bylaw.
  5. The College stores and maintains personal information in conformity with the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”) and the Health Information Protection Act (HIPA).
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