Professional practice

Professional Practice

Practicing members are required to complete 20 credits of continuing medical education (CME) per year, as well as keep certifications and skills current. All CME should be approved by SCoP before credits can be awarded.

Clinical practice is guided by protocols that represent a consensus of medical opinion using the best available evidence. 

Core Training Requirements are outlined as guidance to agencies or instructors who intend to provide training in a new protocol. The actual training module used by the agency or instructor must be approved by SCoP.

Protocol Training includes videos on COVID-19 Best Practices and full training modules for TXA and Hyperkalemia.

The College also allows for protocols to be developed and submitted by members. 

SCoP is responsible for the protection of the public. Complaints about potential professional misconduct or incompetence may be submitted by the public or by members and are investigated by the College.

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