Virtual Reality Project

Virtual Assessment for Paramedic Occupational Competency (VAPOC)

The Saskatchewan College of Paramedics (SCoP) is playing an industry leading role in its innovative new approach to the assessment of paramedic competencies.

With the financial support of Employment and Social Development Canada and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Immigration and Career Training, SCoP is working with Saskatoon-based Luxsonic Technologies Inc to develop a virtual reality tool that can be used to assess paramedic competencies from a distance.

This project will enable SCoP to use a virtual reality environment to assess the competencies of internationally trained paramedics and International Medical Graduates interested in working in Canada. Sending a virtual reality (VR) headset that connects to web-based assessment software from anywhere in the world will save time, money, and reduce barriers to attracting much-needed new practitioners to Saskatchewan.

In the future it will also enable paramedics working in rural and remote regions across the province to update their required competencies without leaving their home communities.

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