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TXA and Hyperkalemia

The September 2018 update to the Paramedic Clinical Practice Protocols manual contains two new medications: tranexamic acid and calcium. 

Primary Care Paramedics and higher will now be able to monitor tranexamic acid (TXA).

Advanced Care Paramedics have been approved for the administration of tranexamic acid (TXA). In addition, ACPs have a new hyperkalemia protocol which includes the use of calcium. 

The Education Committee has developed the following training packages for the new medications and patient care plan being introduced into paramedic practice. All members PCP and higher are required to do the training applicable to their licence level. 

No paramedic may monitor or administer these new medications without first completing this education. 

Please note that the training on each module must be completed in one sitting. If you end the session, you will be required to start from the beginning of that module. After each quiz, you will be able to download your completion certificate as a pdf for easy upload through the Document Upload application found in Your Account. You must be able to save the PDF or print it as you will not be able to come back and retrieve it later. Reminder: falsified certificates are a matter of professional misconduct. This training is not eligible for CME credits.

The educational modules must be completed before taking each quiz.

Hyperkalemia training module
Hyperkalemia quiz

Tranexamic acid training module for ACP
Tranexamic acid ACP quiz

Tranexamic acid training module for non-ACP
Tranexamic acid non-ACP quiz

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