Fourth Wave Response – what we can do

Fourth Wave Response – what we can do

The Saskatchewan College of Paramedics (SCoP) would like to encourage the public and our members to meet and exceed the public health orders during this overwhelming fourth wave of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan. From a professional and moral social responsibility, actions to see us through this global health emergency are within our capacity. As difficult as it is currently, we really can make a difference.

Members of SCoP are the Paramedics and Emergency Medical Responders on the front lines of our healthcare system. They are reporting record numbers of calls and increased offload delays which affect their ability to respond to other calls, even exceeding capacity at times. This increase in demand further compounds the heightened emotional and moral fatigue that our members experience daily resulting from the sacrifices made to protect the public on a regular basis.

Understanding that not all of this system pressure is related to the pandemic, there are concrete actions we can all take to relieve it.

Our mandate is to protect the public and so SCoP joins our medical colleagues in recommending that everyone in Saskatchewan follow public health orders, get fully vaccinated, and immediately reduce the number of contacts they have over the next 4 weeks—a temporary measure to quickly reduce community transmission that will be especially effective for those who are not yet fully immunized.

The public relies on organizations like the Saskatchewan College of Paramedics to recommend standards and regulate them. We are asking members and the public to seek out credible medical advice because we believe the difference in outcomes will be profound.

We ask you to please help the helpers and reduce community transmission as quickly as possible.

Stay healthy and stay safe.

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