Call for EMR Subject Matter Experts

Call for EMR Subject Matter Experts

The Canadian Organization of Paramedic Regulators (COPR) Council has decided to begin the development of an Emergency Medical Responder examination. To roll out this new initiative, COPR is recruiting a panel of EMR-level subject matter experts (SMEs) with the following credentials:

  • Be currently licensed as an EMR (or currently licensed PCP/ACP who instruct EMRs) in Saskatchewan
  • Be thoroughly familiar with the current theoretical and clinical content to be measured by the EMR Examination
  • Be thoroughly familiar with the NOCP competencies of entry-to-practice EMRs in Saskatchewan
  • Be thoroughly familiar with jurisdictional regulations and commonly accepted standards of practice for entry-to-practice practitioners
  • Be able to view paramedicine from a national perspective and apply this to the development of the examination questions
  • Be self-directed and able to complete monthly tasks remotely by computer, and able to accept feedback and constructive criticism on work developed

For more information on the responsibilities, see the COPR Examination Working Group Terms of Reference >

To apply for this unique opportunity to serve your profession, please fill out and return this expression of interest with your resume by November 29, 2020

Expression of Interest: COPR Examination Working Group >

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