Paramedic Services Week

Paramedic Services Week

Paramedic Services Week is a time to recognize the professionals who provide emergency medical services in communities across the country. This week honours our frontline heroes, dedicated to providing emergency medicine that impacts so many lives every day.

This year’s theme of ‘Faces of Paramedicine’ is particularly meaningful as it reminds our nation that Paramedic professionals are utilized in a variety of environments, each with unique challenges. Through it all Paramedics continue to respond, support, and care for the needs of our communities. The Paramedic Services Week campaign supports and strengthens the Paramedicine community by honoring accomplishments and increasing awareness of the critical roles of Paramedics.

Thank you for continually rising to the challenge time and time again in response to the needs of our patients and our communities. You show up every day despite personal risk, hardship, and increased demands. The extraordinary environment in which you’ve operated during the past two years showcases your resilience and your dedication to both your profession and the people of Saskatchewan.

On behalf of the College, Council, Executive Director, and Team; we wish you all a Happy Paramedics Services Week!





Photo by Donna Dohms

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