New Years Greetings

New Years Greetings

New Years Greetings Colleagues!

On behalf of the Saskatchewan College of Paramedic’s Council and Team, we wanted to extend a very happy new year to you and your families!

We recognize this past year has been anything but what we are accustom to, both in regards to the recent holiday season as well as in our professional practice. While paramedics are well known for adapting to unpredictable environments, controlling chaos or finding innovative solutions to delivering out-of-hospital healthcare, the ongoing health challenge we all are facing has created many more unique situations (and stress) that many health providers, not just paramedics are having to find ways to accommodate. We recognize this CAN BE hard; this IS hard.

We want to acknowledge and recognize the continued dedication displayed by the paramedic and emergency medical responder professions for your selfless service and contributions, as our society navigates through this pandemic. We know for certain the work you are doing is having a significant impact on the people you serve and the professionals you serve alongside. The public at large sees your influence, understands your workplace challenges and while wonders “why” you still put yourself at risk and do what you do, are grateful for your service to them when needed.

Whether or not you were on or off duty during the holiday season, or no matter how challenging the public health restrictions may be, it is incredibly important to take some time to find joy, to seek out the good, be grateful and of course appreciate the moments that are most important in your life. We are all fortunate to have been given the opportunity to help others in this profession, and you should be PROUD of the important role you play in society.

Whether it is for your peers who are on-duty who will rely on you when their shift ends, or a loved one that you may not be able to share some physical time with right now, or for even most importantly, for yourself…find the time (and ways) to maintain your wellness. Understandably you may be tired, experiencing increased stress in all aspects of your lives. Despite this, in the midst of this health crisis we NEED you more now than ever. Without YOU healthy, we all will feel the impact of your absence.

It is often said, while we do not always get to pick the situations we are placed in (or dealt), we always can choose how we react to them. We encourage everyone to stay STRONG, stay HEALTHY; let’s look after one another and each other…and remember to reach out if you yourself need help.

As you move forward in this new year, please do so safely and with optimism for a much better year ahead.

Take care out there and see you all in 2021.

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