Licence Renewal and Personal Liability Insurance

Licence Renewal and Personal Liability Insurance

Personal Liability Insurance – Update

The Saskatchewan College of Paramedics is implementing a new requirement. Beginning with the 2024 licensing year, all practicing and non-practicing licence holders are required to have personal liability insurance.

Paramedicine has seen significant evolution over the past number of years, particularly since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. The growth of the profession is positive for paramedics because it means you are playing a larger, and growing, role in health service delivery. As your role expands, however, the need for professional liability insurance increases.

Professional liability insurance provides both paramedics and patients with protection in situations where errors or allegations of errors are made, and it is required in almost every jurisdiction across Canada. Insurance coverage from an employer is not the same as personal liability insurance.

SCoP would like to thank members for the recent discussions and feedback on the implementation of this requirement.

How it will work

SCoP will provide a link to an external site where members will apply for insurance. Payment of $90 will be added as a line item to your Licence Renewal submission. SCoP will keep zero dollars—all money goes directly towards the purchase of your new policy.

If you already carry personal liability insurance (PLI): you still need to apply for the insurance that SCoP has arranged to provide, and attach that certificate to your Licence Renewal form. After you submit your Licence Renewal form, please contact SCoP to have this amount refunded. For the 2024 year only, you may be eligible for a one-time refund of $90. Your PLI must have been purchased by you directly and not by your employer; insurance coverage levels must also align with all SCoP requirements. Employer coverage does not qualify for this program.

Further instructions on how to apply for PLI and any refunds required are contained within the Licence Renewal form in your Member Account.

Insurance information sheet >


Licence Renewal 2024 change – opens November 1

Licence Renewal 2024 officially opens on November 1, 2023 to allow for time to implement the PLI requirement. Early bird prizes will still be available for those who renew by November 7, 2023. Deadline to renew continues to be December 1, 2023.

Licence Renewal Quick Links

Licence renewal requirements and instructions can be found here:

Specific instructions for each licence level are linked below:

Continuing Education requirements:

Continuing Education courses (this page is updated often):

To get ready for renewal, please go ahead and upload your Mandatory Certifications, Skills and CME to your Member Account.

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