Documentation Module is live

Documentation Module is live

The mandatory Documentation Module for continuing education is now available to all members. This course was approved by the Education Committee in response to Professional Conduct Committee investigations noting a gap in information being provided on patient care reports.

This training is free for all members and counts for 2 credits of Continuing Education. It must be completed during 2023.

Access the course here; if you are not an SHA employee, follow the directions on page 2 to create an account: Documentation Module >

In summary, for 2024 licence renewal practicing members must submit the following Continuing Education credits:

  • 20 continuing education (CE) credits each calendar year:
    • 2 of which must be for mental health, 
    • 2 for documentation 
    • 10 from Areas 4, 5, 6; these areas relate directly to medical conditions and/or patient care

Competency Profile Topic Areas (examples in brackets, not a full list)

Area 1 – Professional Responsibilities (ex. leadership, professionalism, medico-legal)
Area 2 – Communication (ex. verbal, nonverbal, written)
Area 3 – Health and Safety (ex. mine safety, scene safety, paramedic mental health)
Area 4 – Assessment and Diagnostics (ex. 3 lead application/interpretation, EtC02)
Area 5 – Therapeutics (ex. trauma care, airway days, changes to scope of practice)
Area 6 – Integration (ex. scenarios)
Area 7 – Transportation (ex. driving, air medical)
Area 8 – Health Promotion and Public Safety (ex. incident command)

Questions? Visit 2024 Renewal information >

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