Call for Resolutions

Call for Resolutions

Get ready for the 2021 Annual General Meeting!

This is our annual call for resolutions to be discussed at the 2021 AGM. The deadline to submit them is Monday, April 6.

Members should use resolutions to raise issues for consideration by Council. Council may take the action, may request other agencies to take a particular action, enter into discussion about a particular issue with another agency, or may not take any action.

Resolutions can relate to any area of practice, education, administration, research, role of the College, or role of paramedics within healthcare. The subject of a resolution must be within the scope of the legislated authority of the College, and align with the vision, mission and strategic priorities of the College.

Issues addressed as resolutions should be those that warrant discussion by the general membership. Otherwise, the issue may be submitted to the Executive Director or the President at any time throughout the year.

Resolutions must follow the Resolution Template:

Resolution Template (Microsoft Word document that you can fill out)
How to Write Resolutions (information pdf)

Resolutions not received before the deadline can still be considered at the AGM as a motion from the floor. A motion from the floor needs a two-thirds majority vote to be considered.

Resolutions must be submitted in writing and can be mailed, emailed, or faxed to:

Legislation & Bylaws Committee
Saskatchewan College of Paramedics
205 – 3775 Pasqua Street
Regina SK S4S 6W8

Fax: 306-543-6161

Deadline: Monday, April 6


The SCoP AGM will be held on Tuesday, May 4 online. More details to follow!

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