Licence Renewal

Licence Renewal

Over the last few months SCoP has been implementing a new website that includes a new registry system and set of online application forms. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to make improvements!

Activation Required

All current members must activate your account the first time you login. It takes just 5 minutes, your email address and birth date (MM/DD/YYYY). Go to Member Login and click on Activate now >

Member Login

Login to the new Member Portal to see or update your information. Look for the Member Login at the top of our new website, and use your email address to login. NOTE: usernames have been replaced by your email address.


Update Anytime

Once logged in, the pages of the Member Portal are listed along the left side of the screen

  • Personal information and applications for Change of Status or Licence Renewal are maintained in the Member Portal
    • (Note: exam applications are made in the Applicant Portal

  • Personal Information and Employment Information should be kept current at all times
  • Mandatory Certifications, Skills and CME can be updated anytime a requirement is met
  • Other Jurisdictions informs the College of any other healthcare registrations
  • Licence Endorsement is for Community Paramedics
  • Please note that Education Information is updated automatically through other processes and does not need to be updated by members
  • Duplicate information in areas such as Employment shall be left in the system as historical information

Licence Renewal 2021

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Mandatory Certifications & CME are waived for the upcoming licence renewal
  • Skills are still required
  • DEADLINE: December 1
  • Detailed information on how to have Skills assessed and all other Licence Renewal Requirements >

CCP members: Requirement for one skill has changed slightly and the change is reflected in the Skills Reporting form online (all 2021 Skills Reporting forms will be accepted)

  • 5 live endotracheal intubations has been changed to 5 live or high fidelity endotracheal intubations

Licence Renewal Deadline is December 1


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