2021 Paramedic Services Week

2021 Paramedic Services Week

Paramedics Services Week provides us with an opportunity to pause and take stock of the immense contribution that our members make to the overall health and wellness of the people of Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan College of Paramedics is proud to support the work of our paramedics through the advancement of evidence-based practice and regulation, particularly crucial in the 2021 pandemic year. As the last year unfolded, we witnessed many moments of personal courage and sacrifice as you continued to focus on the needs of your patients. We recognize that you performed your duties under significant pressure and risk to yourself and others in your life.

Today we want to send a heartfelt message of encouragement and gratitude for your unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of others. Your evolving role in the health system is clear confirmation of the skill and value you bring to patient care in this province.

As your regulatory body, Council, Executive Director and Team want to congratulate you for meeting and exceeding the challenges faced during very uncertain times and wish you a much simpler year ahead! Stay well and know that your efforts are seen and appreciated by many!

Photo by Gilbert Maraboto, Wakaw EMS

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