Community Paramedic

Community Paramedic Endorsement

The Community Paramedic (CP) licence endorsement is intended to enhance current community paramedicine practice. If you are currently working in this area and wish to practice at this full scope of practice, additional training and/or proof of competency will be required.

Only paramedics that hold the Community Paramedic Endorsement may identify themselves as “licensed Community Paramedics”. There is no restriction on practicing in the community within the limits of your current licence level scope of practice (without a CP endorsement).

The licence endorsed Community Paramedic competency profile builds upon the current competency profiles of Primary Care (PCP), Intermediate Care (ICP), Advanced Care Paramedics (ACP), and Critical Care Paramedics (CCP).

Licence endorsed Community Paramedics must have initially graduated from an approved paramedic program (any level) or have met equivalent requirements and passed any mandatory registration exam(s). In combination with their previous education and licensing requirements, these practitioners are required to undergo supplementary education through an approved (Community Paramedicine) program to deepen their understanding of the unique needs of the chronically ill patients and their role in the delivery of primary health care services. While much of the scope of a Community Paramedic exists within the current skills of the paramedic, the (licence endorsed) Community Paramedic has specialized knowledge and skills to provide care to chronically ill patients in a variety of unique practice environments.

To become a licensed Community Paramedic, upload your proof of education to the License Endorsement area of the Member Portal.

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